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Traditional credit reports are based on data from public registries. Annual accounts and tax returns are usually only updated once a year, and your customer’s financial situation may have changed dramatically since their last recorded data.

Outdated information is bad information. Bad information leads to bad decisions.

PingData enables you to look beyond traditional credit reports.

The EU directive PSD2open in new window grants individuals and corporations the right to share data from their banks through dedicated APIs. You’ll save time and money on friction-free underwriting, and no longer need to manually obtain and format account data submitted by the customer.

PingData makes it simple and secure for your customer to share up to 24 months of transaction history. All you need to do is send them a link.

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Our analytics tools give you accurate and up-to-date insight into your customer's unique financial situation: income, expenses, liquidity, behaviors and risks.

By using PingData, you can serve customers with limited history and identify emerging risk for existing customers.

# Better data, better decisions.


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